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·         Advertisement is a bargaining or make public to know about some things or service.
-          Iklan adalah suatu penawaran / membuat khalayak mengetahui tentang barang atau jasa yang di tawarkan.
·         Example :
-          contoh :

Mega Mall
Cut Meutiah, jakarta

Big sale for your home
3 days only
9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
30% off for all kitchen sets
20% off for sofas
And 10 % off for dining tables
1.       Invitation is a invited or call that use to make someone or more for attend a agenda, party or ect.
2.       Mega Mall is close at …
a.       8 a.m.
b.      9 a.m.
c.       10 a.m.
d.      8 p.m.
3.       If you want to buy some pans, you will get a … discount.
a.       30%
b.      20%
c.       15%
d.      10%

4.       The following are TRUE, EXCEPT …
a.       Mega Mall is open for 10 hours
b.      We only need to pay 70% from the price for all kitchen sets
c.       Mega Mall is located in Jakarta
d.      Mega Mall gives discount to some goods

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